Our master, Mr. Yurdal, who made the first pattern of our boots when Pegia story started, is still making the patterns of our boots.

He is a perfectionist and a passionate lover of his work.

Although we have increased our annual boots production from 10.000 pairs per year to 100.000+ pairs per year; even though we have moved from our modest 120 m2 workshop to 3500 m2 Pegia Plaza; even then we have supported traditional handmade shoes techniques with technology, we never forget the our oldest master who turned our dreams into reality. God bless him.

Master Yurdal, who entered the shoes market as an apprentice at a small shoes atelier in Beyoğlu at the beginning of the 1970s, is the role model who gives us the passion of the shoes.

This magnificent man, who is at the work at 08:00 am on weekdays, is working silently and with a great love. Of course, he only uses old tools and does not trust computers (!) We are very sensitive about the first drawings of the boots made by Master Yurdal even if the drawings have some technical revisions by drawing programs later. Because the love that Master Yurdal gives to his work, we know that computer programs can not.

Every society needs sacred places. A society that cannot remember its past, and honor it, is in peril of losing its soul.

Vine Deloria, Jr. Lakota Scholar