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As is known, we have an admiration for past experiences, memorable and natural things. For this reason, we have been working on the preparation phase of the 2016/17 Pegia campaign, to raise a memoir that reflects the modernity of Pegia’s dynamic structure as well as the memory of the past. Our goal was to reveal the dignity of sheepskin jackets, sheepskin boots and furry bags that are very popular these days.

On a cold January day, the whole team met in the historic Beykoz Shoe factory in Istanbul, whose current name is “Beykoz Kundura”, to begin the shoots. Beykoz Kundura witnessed the move towards real industry in the leather business during the 19th century Ottoman era when personal workshops turned to small centers for leather crafting. With the construction of the leather facility, the factory began production in a bid to satisfy the army’s need for sandals; the production capacity was then increased in 1845 with the introduction of new technologies, steam machines and leather wells. The quality of the products drew attention to Beykoz Kundura during the 1856 Paris International Exhibition, and in time the factory began producing for civilians as well. This even further increased production capacity and the factory won gold medal in the 1877 Vienna International Exhibition. Production halted during the First World War and the Turkish Independence War, but with the coming of the Republican era, the factory continued to produce under its brand new identity, “Sümerbank Leather and Shoe Industry Enterprise.” From 1933 to its eventual shut down in 1999, the factory produced its trademark, water-proof Sümerbank shoes, widely imprinted in memories around Turkey with their creaking sound that’s ceremonial to the ear and their ever-strong substance.


beykoz_kundura_1 beykoz_kundura_2

We could not find a better place to reflect the Pegia spirit. Pegia will continue to carry out projects that reveal the nobility of shearling products. Stay tuned. Below are some photos from the shooting that our beloved team made with great sacrifice in cold January.

pegia_backstage_1 pegia_backstage_2



You can visit our lookbook page to reach the photos from the shooting.