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Sheepskin Fashion

sheepskin_fashionAs temperature gets low, we recollect our cozy wool jackets and pullovers, soft socks and comfortable sheepskin boots. In recent years wearing sheepskin clothing and footwear have also become an integral part of our winter style. This material becomes more and more desired in world fashion houses and many brands do not deny an opportunity to include it to their collections. Let’s see how world’s most famous designers use sheepskin to create fashionable clothing, accessories and footwear.

Sheepskin in world designers’ collections

Karl Lagerfeld, being maybe the most celebrated fashion designer in the world, loves the useful properties and stylish look of sheepskin and use it in manufacturing. He has also created glamourous Fendi collection, which includes shearling boots, accessories, clothing and even dresses. It was presented in Shearling Mania fashion show, that was held in the world’s fashion capital, Milan, and appreciated by other famous designers.

Karl Lagerfeld is not the only man who prefers using sheepskin in his works. Shearling coats regularly appear in Zara, while clothing, bags and accessories have been seen recently in H&M and Alexander McQueen collections. French fashion designer Emanuel Ungaro presented collection with different colored thin tanned sheepskin coats. A coat made of small sheepskin pieces was seen in Tristan Webber collection, and such brands as Iceberg and Ruffo also presented tanned sheepskin coats and bags.

Reasons to include sheepskin products into a wardrobe

  • Sheepskin is a natural material, which has lots of useful properties. That means buying shearling coats or shoes is the best choice to care of yourself during the cold winter season. Sheepskin items are healthy and safe for the human’s health, because tanned without using harmful chemicals, such as Chrome Six, etc.
  • Sheepskin products protect from cold and moisture. This material absorbs wet and provides air circulation, letting body to “breathe”, keep warmth, and dryness.
  • Sheepskin is a lost-lasting material which can serve for several years in case of right care.
  • Genuine sheepskin presents with comfort. Boots made of this material can let you to enjoy comfortable movement, softness, lightness and protect from colds and moisture even during unpleasant weather conditions.
  • Sheepskin looks really fashionable. World’s famous fashion houses do not deny an opportunity to create new collections with sheepskin products.

Fashionable and comfortable PEGIA sheepskin products

We in PEGIA make everything possible to provide you with high-quality and stylish winter boots and clothing made of genuine sheepskin. There are hundreds of modern items in our showroom, and every product has a unique and stunning design, being soft, comfortable, healthy and long-lasting at the same time. All the PEGIA products comply with European REACH standarts and dedicated to present our lovely women with all the advantages of genuine sheepskin.

With love from PEGIA. Always fashionable and cozy sheepskin products 💓


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