We have a motto while designing Pegia Boots. The harmony of comfort and design. We know very well that Pegia brand quickly spreads to every corner of the world because we are bringing together the craftmanship, design and natural comfort of sheepskin. We are following three ways to improve ourselves.

Firstly, we try different suede, leather and wool processing techniques and develop sheepskins that no other brand could do. Because, we are one of the few shoe manufacturers who own their own tannery. Among the products we have developed are water-repellent sheepskins, self-cleaning nano technological sheepskins and Easy-White technology sheepskins ( the chemicals which are used while tanning processes, are not harmful to human health and environment). By using these technological sheepskins, we are aiming to add value to our sheepskin products. Although the sheepskins which we use in the collections look very similar to each other, we use sheepskins that have many different features both on the skin side and on the wool side. At that point, our sheepskin shoes and garment collections have an unique and unimitated identity.

Secondly, we are working with designers during the collection development phase. By doing the trendy touches on the traditional texture of the sheepskin; we are harmonizing the past with the present. Our aim to reveal the nobility of the sheepskin by closely following the fashion.

Thirdly, we work hard to make perfect boots by using the cutting-edge technology, years of experience and craftmanship.

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